Sunday, 1 June 2014

Answer Me This podcaster Helen Zaltzman

Martin the Soundman, Helen and Olly
One half of the podcasting world's most amusing, esoteric and silly duo, Helen Zaltzman is our guest. Her question and answer podcast, launched in 2007 and presented in tandem with Olly Mann, has won an armful of gongs, a world full of followers and imparted important knowledge in response to teasers such as why do round pizzas come in square boxes.

Here Helen tells me tales of her podcasting royalty family - which she shares with The Bugle's Andy Zaltzman - how she's answers that mountain of questions and what tune makes her punch the air. She might even answer a few queries too. Stream the show here or download it as podcast (just type 'shadowplayboys' into iTunes) and subscribe to Desert Isolation Discs.

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