Saturday, 9 November 2013

Journalist, DJ and broadcaster Tom Bonnett picks his discs

Mr Tom Bonnett is our first guest on Desert Isolation Discs as he tells us which eight tracks he would save from the wreckage when stranded in the desert after a freak hang gliding accident. 

A journalist, DJ and broadcaster, Tom allows us into his world from the Cambridge hip-hop scene to the machinations of the media. Please click the Mixcloud link below for the full interview with song clips. The songs in full are below that.

1. Elan Mehler - Elvis Presley Blues

Tom says: "It's quite a somber track but makes me so so happy and almost clears my mind and de-stresses me."


2. Ken Boothe - Memories

Tom says: "It's got a really nice, kind of swinging almost pendulum like top end on it that swishes back and forth across it on top of a really tough beat." 

3. Roots Manuva - Movements (live)

Tom says: "I think it's a really really fantastic track, lyrically, musical and it was a huge turning point in my listening."

4. Smog - Hit the Ground Running

5. Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones

6. Matthew Dear - Don & Cherri (Hot Chip remix)

Tom says: "I used to DJ this when I first got my decks and I still love it." 

7. LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great 

Tom says: "It's quite an emotional song for me, so why not?"

8. Lord Tanamo - I'm in the Mood for Love 

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Desert Isolation Discs aims to capture the essence of the people we interview through their music choices. We talk to creative types and music lovers about what eight songs they could not live without if stranded in a desert in a comfortable if lonely situation. We also allow them a mystery luxury item. 

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