Sunday, 13 September 2015

Radio station head honcho and DJ: Gordon Mac

Gordon Mac (Photo by Scott Miller)
Gordon 'Mac' McNamee has played a crucial role in the way the UK has consumed soulful music - from reggae to house - over the last four decades. As founder of Kiss FM, he - along with the likes of Norman Jay, Trevor Nelson and Paul 'Trouble' Anderson - helped bring black music to London's rapidly evolving 80s club scene. He took the pirate station on to FM and continued to manage it when taken over by Emap. 

Now at the helm of new station Mi Soul - which has just landed on DAB radio - Mac retains the relentless passion and unique humour which trademarked his most triumphant years. 

Whether it's playing out at the Margate Soul Weekend or getting behind the decks of Mastermind's sound system at Carnival, he's still got it. Here he talks me through his life - from hearing Valerie Singleton swear and the euphoric atmosphere at the pirate station to coping with managing creatives and bosses and his subsequent years away from the limelight. A true gent and a gleeful music fan, this is one to give a spin. Stream below or download and subscribe as a podcast here