Monday, 16 November 2015

Musician and designer: Rob Yunioshi

As the frontman of caketronica starlets Yunioshi, Mr Rob Garner has toured everywhere from festivals in Canada and Iceland to local gigs when he's been living in Nottingham or London, where he's from.  

A designer by day and an axe wielder by night, he's also played in other bands including Spaceships are Cool and the ridiculously weird Revenge of Calculon. I was very happy to host him on the podcast as his love of music has massively influenced me and his eclectic choices don't disappoint!  Hear him talk schoolyard rapping and reveal something rather surprising about his nan's taste in music.  (Extra bonus: Some rather special guests). Download the podcast or iTunes by typing in Desert Isolation Discs or stream it on Mixcloud here.

Alex welcomes Rob to the hi-tech home studio (inc dinner tray)