Sunday, 11 May 2014

Artist and Agony Aunt: Piney Gir

Angela Penhaligon, aka country-folktronica songstress Piney Gir, is my latest guest on Desert Isolation Discs as she tells me the eight tunes she couldn't live without in a desert.

Piney is an acclaimed artist who has released five albums, toured the globe including playing Glastonbury festival and was a member of both Vic Twenty and The Schla La Las. Her chirpy disposition and venerable accordion skills have won her fans worldwide and her new album is hotly anticipated. Perhaps most importantly, she's ShadowPlay's agony aunt with her popular PG Tips column

A Kansas City native born into a religious family, her exposure to pop music as a child was limited. Here she tells me how that affected her attitudes to music, why she moved to London and why a certain noisy Boston, Massachusetts band are actually rather romantic. To download the show as a podcast or subscribe click here.

An here's Piney in action in the fantabulous video to The Longest Day of Spring

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